Find your co-founder and launch your data-driven venture

Join the venture-readiness program, build your team, take your entrepreneurial first steps and feel that “Yes, I can!“

Pre-registration open for the second edition in Spring 2023


Yes, you can

H_Ventures is a 7-week startup program that gives first-time founders the knowledge and the connections to build a viable team and start data-driven businesses.Sponsored by the Hessen Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Housing and powered by Goethe University Frankfurt and TechQuartier, this program was created to empower new entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds to launch ventures using data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Immigrants who have a desire to start a venture in tech and have a B1 level of German are encouraged to apply.Up to 25 ventures will be accepted to the program.

I have a venture idea

Glad you’re here. We are looking for data experts who are already building a venture business or have an idea using AI, machine learning and big data in all areas of business.This program will help you build and grow your team, refine your product vision, and develop your data-driven business model.

I want to join a team

We have the perfect opportunity for you to join a team, become a co-founder and learn hands-on what it takes to launch a data-driven business. You do not have to be a data scientist, a student or originally from Germany. Teams need people from all backgrounds and areas of expertise who are creative, driven and excited to work together.From marketing to medicine, your area of study and background isn’t as important as your enthusiasm for technology and building solutions.

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

"Too many promising venture ideas fail because either the right founding team is missing, or the team is dysfunctional and lacks the necessary skills and experience.With H_Ventures we build on our years of matching experience and take the team formation process to a new level. “

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer
Co-Founder and Managing Director of TechQuartier

H_Ventures starts 26 September

Virtually & In-Person

For 7 weeks, you have access to virtual networking events, workshops, keynotes and input sessions and will participate in live events in Frankfurt and in other selected cities around Hessen. You’ll have a total of 7 days for in-person contact mixed with self-paced virtual activities.


26 September - 07 October

Team Formation

Team building & ideation – virtual & In-person

Get a crash course in building a solid team and find your new co-founders with the help of HR experts.The Team Formation Program includes virtual evening sessions and three in-person events in Frankfurt, team building exercises, instructions on working in Agile teams and a matching events.
At the end of the program, a guided team readiness check will help you find who your team needs to thrive. The next step - Bootcamp!


10 - 17 October


In-person in Frankfurt

The one-week Bootcamp is an intense, hands-on learning experience in-person at TechQuartier.You'll work with experienced serial entrepreneurs and experts who are using AI, machine learning and big data.You’ll also learn what it takes to start and grow a successful business and get the chance to pitch your idea to a panel of investors.


24 October - 18 November

Incubation & Validation

Be mentored & coached by experts in their fields

After the Bootcamp, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the four-week incubation and validation period.This is where you'll put everything you've learned into practice and work on developing your business further.
In addition, you will have access to networking opportunities, online educational sessions and investors.

What you
get with H_Ventures

  • Find or join your team

  • Accelerate your idea in 60 days

  • Get free training, network access and mentoring from experts

  • Meet other founders and entrepreneurs in Hessen

  • Build and test your ideas with investors

  • Learn about fundraising, business modeling and product readiness

  • Tackle HR and legal considerations

  • Explore the potential of AI in many sectors

  • The chance to work in a hybrid structure: Virtually and in-person for a total of 7 days of live events

  • Earn a Certificate of Achievement

Get help to form and complete your team.

Receive guidance for launching your data-driven venture.

Get help to develop a data-driven business model.

Access exclusive resources and guidance from business experts.

Start your
business today

H_Ventures is ideal for data scientists from all backgrounds who want to start a data-driven business in Hessen and who are looking for new team members while working on business models.It’s also the perfect place for students, future founders and entrepreneurs to experience how to build a business while being part of a team and learning about artificial intelligence (AI). No data science or startup experience is necessary. Just a strong desire to help build a business that uses data technology.

Applications closed on 18 September

Meet Our Board of Innovation

Our Board of Innovation is made up of program jury members and mentors who will host input sessions to challenge and support the development of your venture ideas.

  • Dr. Kevin Bauer, Postdoc Researcher, Leibniz-Institut für Finanzmarktforschung SAFE

  • Dr. Michael Chromik, Tech Lead, DB Netz

  • Dr. Thomas Funke , Co-founder and Co-CEO, Tomorrows Education

  • Sarah Gronwald, Ecosystem Manager, TechQuartier

  • Sebastian Heinz, Founder & CEO, statworx

  • Dr. Thorsten Lambertus, Director DEEP, ESMT Berlin

  • Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, Managing Director & Co-founder, TechQuartier

  • Friedhelm A. Schmitt, Founder and Co-CEO Fincite GmbH & Fincite Ventures GmbH

  • Dr. Arndt Schwaiger, Entrepreneur and Advisor

  • Lea Vajnorsky - Consultant- Executive Search & Leadership Advisory - Russell Reynolds Associates & CEO Wo\men Inc.

Network Partners


Need more information or have questions, contact Cristian Frigo, Innovation Manager at TechQuartier.

Cristian Frigo