Startup your future!

H_Ventures is a startup-readiness program for the next generation of founders - with or without a business idea.Over 9 weeks, learn what it takes to build a startup and be successful.

Yes, you can build a startup.

H_Ventures is a 9-week free startup-readiness program that gives future founders the knowledge and the connections to build a viable team and start data-driven businesses.Sponsored by the Hessen Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Housing and powered by Goethe University Frankfurt and TechQuartier, this program was created to empower professionals and students with diverse backgrounds to launch a business in the data economy.Up to 25 ventures will be accepted to the program.

Live workshops & events will take place in the evening in TechQuartier's innovation hub.

24 Network Partners
25+ Mentors

330+ Applications
200+ Participants

59 Teams Formed

25 Startups Launched / Supported

Phont - Demo Day winners 2023

"H_Ventures offers a unique blend of founder matching with a fantastic hyperfocus on what really matters for your specific idea. It gave me the motivation to focus on innovation and my clients all while working with simply amazing people.”

Who should apply?

Founders!Whether you're an industry expert looking to transition into entrepreneurship or a passionate individual yearning for a groundbreaking startup journey, the program represents your platform to bring data-driven business visions to life in Hessen.H_Ventures serves as the ideal launchpad for prospective founders and entrepreneurs to learn the nuts and bolts of building a successful business. Prior startup experience isn't a prerequisite. Just a strong desire to help build a business that uses data technology.

H_Ventures Edition 4 starts next year 2024

Virtually & In-Person

I have an idea for a startup.

Glad you’re here. We are looking for the next generation of founders who have already developed an idea and want to build a data-driven startup.This program will help you build and grow your team, refine your product vision, grow your network and develop your business model.

I want to join a team.

We have the perfect opportunity for you to join a team, become a co-founder or co-creator and learn hands-on what it takes to launch a data-driven business.Teams need people from all backgrounds, with professional experience and industry expertise, who are creative, tech-savvy and excited to work together.

“H_Ventures is an amazing program for anyone who wants to validate an idea, make progress, or join a team. In one week, we learned more about business than I had learned over the last year. It is not always easy, but perfect for anyone who wants honest feedback and tips from real experts.”

Yannik Freund
participant in 2022

What you get with H_Ventures

  • Find or join your team

  • Accelerate your idea in 90 days

  • Get free training, network access & mentoring from experts

  • Meet other founders and entrepreneurs in Hessen

  • Connect with investors

  • Learn about fundraising, business modeling and product readiness

  • Tackle HR and legal considerations

  • Explore the potential of AI in many sectors

  • Pitching experience during Demo Days

Help to form and complete your team.

Guidance for launching your startup.

Help to develop a data-driven business model.

Exclusive resources from business experts.

What we expect from you

  • 100% commitment towards the program

  • Ambition & growth mindset

  • Willingness to learn and execute fast

  • Strong and reliable team player

  • Be respectful and friendly towards your team members and embrace diversity

  • Actively seek and cultivate relationships with the entrepreneurial community

  • Participate in all surveys by Goethe University Frankfurt

Highlighting Our Previous Startup Participants

Cristian Frigo

Mobile game for the prevention of back pain - Edition 1

Cristian Frigo

Data Spaces are collaborative ecosystems where companies or an entire industry can come together to exchange data with absolute sovereignty, thus creating a new landscape for data monetization. Edition 1

Cristian Frigo

This SaaS autonomously interfaces between intelligent energy management and classical hardware control (battery, CHP, heat pumps, ...) for significant energy savings. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

B2B matchmaking platform connecting cosmetic formulators with raw materials. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

World with Kids" is an AI-powered web & App platform that helps families with children by finding personalized leisure activities, events and locations based on their prior activities and preferences and helps companies to target families to attract more customers. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

This energy management startup with a mission to help private households optimize their energy usage without requiring expensive equipment. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

Scientific analysis of qualitative user research. Powered by AI. Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

Unite people to buy, e-improve, rent and sell built real estate - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

The most important news. Simple. Short. Up-to-date. - Edition 1

Cristian Frigo

With the help of AI tools such as Natural Language Processing the Phonteziser Engine will link emotions to spoken language and create a next-level movie-watching experience. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

This platform connects employers looking for skilled classical musicians for short-term positions in orchestras and choirs. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

The search and comparison platform for subscriptions. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

SubTract is a content platform for discovering, reading and sharing newsletters. - Edition 1

Cristian Frigo

Your platform for ecological, fair and thus sustainable consumption. - Edition 2

Cristian Frigo

The intelligent exam preparation - by students, for students! - Edition 1


The intelligent exam preparation - by students, for students! - Edition 3

Cristian Frigo

Transform your iOS & Android apps with personalized user experience and in-depth qualitative user insights. - Edition 3

Easy Bizz

Local businesses made easy - Edition 3


AISA makes phone call waiting loops a thing of the past - Edition 3

Pioneering AI for data privacy! - Edition 3


Part-time and seasonal work across Europe - Edition 3


Where students find buddies, and universities find solutions! - Edition 3


Fully automated analysis of user interviews. - Edition 2


Copilot fo Recruitment. Automating routine work in the staffing industry. - Edition 3

Learn from the participants of the past edition

Meet our Speakers and Board of Innovation

Our Board of Innovation is made up of program jury members and mentors who will host input sessions to challenge and support the development of your venture ideas.

Founding Partners

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

"Too many promising venture ideas fail because either the right founding team is missing, or the team is dysfunctional and lacks the necessary skills and experience. With H_Ventures we build on our years of matching experience and take the team formation process to a new level. “

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer
Co-Founder and Managing Director of TechQuartier

Network Partners

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Cristian Frigo

Cristian Frigo,
H_Ventures Project Lead, TechQuartier

Sebastian Schäfer

Sebastian Schäfer
Managing Director, TechQuartier

Shary Schouler

Shary Schouler
Innovation Products - Marketing

Maja Sen-Gupta

Thom Schoneveld
Innovation Products, TechQuartier